On April 1st, 1997, Corinne and Jacky Louazé create “Le Foch”, it is quite naturally in the kitchen, she directs the room and manages the cellar.


Jacky Louazé


At the age of 15, he left college to learn and build his knowledge of cooking techniques. He built up his skills on the ground in restaurants in the provinces and in Paris such as the famous “Tour d’Argent” and “Pétrus” in the 17th district which is where he managed the kitchen for several years. It was there that he met Corinne, a wine enthusiast.


Corinne Louazé

Sommelier & so much more...

Corinne Louazé, a native of the region went to school
in Vervins at the Tour du Roy before travelling through France, working in
fine establishments including “Pétrus” in Paris where she met her future husband and chef Jacky. Her passion for wine has allowed the Foch to have one of the most
beautiful cellars of the region.